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D&D Fortune Cards: Spiral of Tharizdun Boosters (24 Packs)

$ 70.99


Key Features . Focused On On D&D Encounters: Dungeons & Dragons Fortune Cards Enhance And Promote The D&D Encounters In-Store Play Program Experience. The Cards Provide In-Game Benefits And Brief Power-Ups During Encounters. . Compatible With D&D Lair Assault: Players Will Find These Fortune Cards To Be Invaluable As They Attempt To Conquer The Challenges of D&D's Hottest New Organized Play Program. In Addition Dungeons & Dragons Fortune Cards Can Be Incorporated Into Any Home Campaign At The Dungeon Master'S Discretion. . Low-Priced Edge: Every D&D Encounters Player Wants To Give Their Character An Edge At The Game Table And These Cards Allow Them To Do Exactly That. The Low Price Point And Collectability Make The Cards An Alluring And Accessible Game Accessory For Players! . Heed The Call of The Elemental Eye : This Set Includes Game Elements Thematically Tied To The Elder Elemental Eye Season of D&D Encounters (Which Runs From February 15 2012 Through May 2 2012). This Is One More Reason For Your D&D Encounters Players To Pick Up This Product! D&D Fortune Cards: Spiral of Tharizdun Boosters (24 Packs)

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