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Unautographed Memorabilia

If you are looking for something that you can own that reminds you of your favorite sports hero or team, why not look at the unautographed memorabilia that we have to offer here at For Die Hard Fans?  These pieces are often much more affordable than autographed pieces and are just as collectible.  Choose from our fantastic selection of over 200 items.  Each page that you view has something that is unique and you will be more likely to find something that you truly want.

Photographs that are framed look great on walls.  Choose a photo that commemorates a certain event that took place and is important in sports history.  Each photo is professionally framed and will be a fantastic addition to your home décor.  We also have a fantastic selection of mega tickets and mini mega tickets.  These large tickets look great hung up on the wall and are from special and memorable games like the 1929 World Series with the Chicago Cubs or the 1992 Rose Bowl Game.  We also have ticket stubs from memorable games that are framed and ready for display.

Choose from one of our many amazing drink coaster sets.  Each coaster has “used dirt” from a certain sports arena, choose the set that is for the team you love.  We have some picture frames that any fan would love to own which memorialize your attendance at a major league game.  There is a space for a photograph of you enjoying the game, with a space to the right of your picture for your ticket stub.  Looking for something a little bit more unique?  How about a piece of sod from the outfield of Citizen’s Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies?  You can also find an amazing selection of canvas art with a wide range of incredible pictures.  Unautographed memorabilia is a great way to get purchase something that you love that reminds you of your favorite team.