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Essential Sports Accessories for Your Kids July 22 2015, 1 Comment

There has been a rise in the popularity of sports within the younger age bracket. Children’s sports are even played at the international level at present. Children and young adults are known to have a higher energy level in addition to being physically active for longer periods of time. Parents wholeheartedly support such activities due to the physical and mental health benefits they offer.


The safety of your children is of prime importance regardless of the type of sport they are engaged in. The helmet act as protection against injuries to the most vital part of your child’s body i.e. the brain. Hence, parent must not be stingy while buying one for their kids.

Investing in a high quality helmet will ensure that the child is protected against all types of debilitating or potentially fatal head injuries. The helmet that you buy should be suitable for the sport your child is engaged in. The coach of your child’s team should be able to guide you with buying the right model. Most of the state and local laws make it compulsory for children to wear helmets while playing any sport.

Sport Footwear

Shoes are indispensable tools for any sport that requires speed and precision. Shoes offer the player better traction and control while playing fast paced games. Modern shoes are designed to provide comfort to the wearer’s feet while playing. In addition to this, shoes act as protection against injuries to the sole and upper areas of the foot.

Water Bottle

Active physical activity leads to loss of fluids through perspiration. The climate in tropical areas can be particularly challenging. In order to make sure that the body of your children remain well hydrated, you got to include a good quality water bottle to their kit.

Stop Watch

Proper time keeping is what differentiates successful athletes from the rest of the crowd. Therefore, it is also an important component of your child’s sports gear. A stop watch will also help keep a track on the time spent in exercise during the week which helps increase stamina.


A jersey performs two important functions. First, it absorbs all the sweat and moisture from the body and lets the skin breath. Secondly, it provides high level of comfort which lets the player concentrate on his game and boosts his performance. Jerseys ae usually made up of blended fiber consisting of cotton, wool and synthetic material.

Other Auxiliary Items

Other products to consider for your kid are gloves, googles, sport inners, socks and a sports bag to keep them all in.

Lastly, you should also consider buying some medical and health articles like a small first aid kit, sunscreen, glucose and nutritious energy drinks. These will keep your children safe and healthy as they practice and play their favorite games.

Top 10 NFL stadiums July 21 2015, 0 Comments

Probably the most popular  game in America, football has massive arenas around the country. The arenas are packed with chanting crowds , dazzling fireworks, colorful artwork and, of course, Mexican waves. The chance to experience such an event live and to express the dedication for one’s favourite team is extraordinary. So, here is a look at the ten best NFL stadiums in the country.

10. Heinz Field, Pennsylvania - Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Heinz field has a capacity of over 60,000 and is the home ground for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The stadium is also known for its scenic river view. The sparkling yellow is the must watch color of the crowd when the home team is playing. Along with the champions trophy display case, this arena has undoubtedly one of the liveliest audience.

9. NRG Stadium, Texas - Home of the Houston Texans

Formerly known as Reliant Stadium, and the host of Wrestlemania XXV; The NRG Stadium has a capacity for 71,500 people. It is one of the most luxurious stadiums with over 7,000 club seats and 186 luxurious seats. The stadium has a massive retractable roof to keep the show going during fall. This stadium is the home ground for the Houston Texans.

8. Gillette Stadium, Massachusetts - Home of the New England Patriots

Famous for its top-class facilities, this stadium has a capacity to hold more than 65,000 people. Not only is the ambiance within the stadium great, but you’ll also find multi-purpose entertainment district outside for food and drink lovers. The Gillette stadium has also held some globally historical matches, and is the home ground for the New England Patriots.

7. Arrowhead Stadium, Missouri - Home of the Kansas City Chiefs

The Arrowhead Stadium is the fifth largest NFL stadium with a capacity to hold 76,000 fans. Stadium seats are covered in swathes of vibrant red that leave visitors with an impression of the passion the fans have for their home team. Being the home ground for the Kansas City Chiefs, the stadium also holds some major league soccer matches and college football.

6. MetLife Stadium, New Jersey - Home of the New York Jets

This massive arena is known for its construction cost of a whopping $1.6 Billion (in 2010). It has a huge capacity of 82,500 people. Being home ground for the New York Jets, the arena has held some famous NFC/AFC matches along with the Super Bowl XLVIII event back in 2014. Being newly built, the stadium is designed for the future of this sport.

5. AT&T Stadium, Texas - Home of the Dallas Cowboys

The AT&T stadium can hold up to 105,000 people and is covered with an amazing retractable roof. This stadium houses the Dallas Cowboys (Home team) Hall of Fame. The stadium gives the audience the best viewing experience and has an amazing architecture which is a visual treat to the eyes.

4. Soldier Field, Illinois - Home of the Chicago Bears

The oldest NFL stadium has been witness to the joys and sorrows of fans since 1924. Being a historical and is the home ground for the Chicago Bears since 1971.

3. Levi’s Stadium, California - Home of the San Francisco 49ers

This brand new NFL arena is the newest arena for this sport which can hold crowds of up to 68,500. Built in 2014 the stadium has taken care to limit its impact on the environment, for that the stadium has green roof and solar panels. For the sake of fun and excitement of fans this place is designed to be loud and also is the home ground for the team San Francisco 49ers. For fans who sit in the upper most deck, there is a stunning view of the mountains.

2. CenturyLink Field, Washington - Home of the Seattle Seahawks

Specially built for the loudest crowd cheers, the stadium has some intrinsic architecture. It can fit in approximately 65,000 people. Mike Glennon was once quoted saying,  “It’s loud on every single down, no matter where you are on the field. It feels like there’s someone with a megaphone screaming in your ear”. With the special architecture that amplifies the sound of chanting crowds, this arena is the home ground for the Seattle Seahawks.

1.  Lambeau Field, Wisconsin - Home of the Green Bay Packers

This stadium is featured on the bucket-list of most NFL lovers. The stadium is often called the  ‘best’ and ‘most historic’, especially when fans talk about Vince Lombardi playing there. In a recent Sports Illustrated poll, the stadium ended up being at the top. With all these qualities, the stadium has the best ambiance and offers the most thrilling experience. It has undergone renovation multiple times in last 50 years, but it has yet to be beaten as the single best NFL stadium in the country.


Tim Howard doesn't only make great saves! July 02 2014, 4 Comments

Tim Howard was absolutely epic for the USA in yesterdays game against Belgium making 16 saves which is a new world cup record. But saves aren't all he does, he scores goals too! 

Who remembers this classic Tim Howard moment? 



Top 5 Supported Teams this World Cup July 01 2014, 0 Comments

The FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 has been one of the most expected events of the year and its preparations had begun long before the actual championship and right now there are millions of people from all over the world who are watching it. Since the event has officially started in Brazil, you can see the people who have bought most of the tickets in order to see the games.

  1. Brazilian fans

As expected, most of the tickets have been sold to those who live in Brazil. It seems that these people are eager to see the game and to support their own country, which is host for the second time, this being a huge honor.


  1. US fans

The US fans represent the biggest percentage of non-native ticket buyers. Therefore, the US fans purchased 196,838 tickets, all of them being eager to see their representatives win World Cup Brazil 2014.


  1. Argentinian fans

Everyone knows that Argentina is soccer crazy and a big supporter of their team for the World Cup, and therefore no one is surprised to see that this country has managed to get a great number of seats especially with the tournament being held in south america, the exact amount being 61,021.


  1. German fans

German fans have managed to acquire a total amount of 58,778 tickets, hoping that this year they will take home the cup!


  1. England fans

With 57,917 tickets, England managed to classify in top 5 world cup fans. England always have a strong support no matter how far away the tournament is from home.



The USA have brought the most tickets outside the home nation. Does this make USA fans the best in the world?

Hottest Fans of the Brazil World Cup 2014 June 25 2014, 4 Comments

The Brazil World Cup 2014 is now 2 weeks into the tournament! The group stages coming to and end with 16 of the teams going home early. The competition is now moving into the knock out stage! To remember some of the teams who have already left the tournament and to celebrate the ones who are moving forward we have put together our pick of the hottest fans of the world cup so far.

We are clearly hoping the knock out stages will bring more knockout fans!!


 This Argentinian fan is hoping Messi can continue his goal scoring form so the team can end up kissing the real trophy in 2 weeks time!


 This German women really "hearts" the German team! 


 From Russia with love!



 This Iranian fan would love it if her team could get through the group!


 This Brazilian shows off her love for her team and the game!


 England fan hoping England can bring back the trophy for the queen!!


 German Fan sporting a nice pair of bunny ears to cheer her team on to the knockout stages!


 Spanish Fan supporting the defending World Champions. 


 Honduran Fan hoping her team can progress from the group stage for the first time in the countries history.


 USA fans going crazy for the American team watching on the big screen down on the beach.


 Another Brazilian hoping Brazil can win the trophy on home soil!


A pair of Bosnian girls supporting their side against Argentina. 



A Belgium fan poses waiting for the game to start!



An Italian fan cheering her team onto the field!


Posing with the star and stripes! This USA fan hoping the team can go all the way! 


With a lot of games and a lot of soccer still left in this World Cup we are sure there is going to be many more hot fans to come! 

Which team do you think has the hottest fans so far in this World Cup? 



The One thing the 2014 World Cup is missing! June 21 2014, 1 Comment

So the 2014 soccer world cup in Brazil has started off amazingly. It has had more goals a game on average at present than any previous world cup all the way back to 1954! Hundreds and thousands of fans have flooded to Brazil from all over the world to cheer on their team. Its getting the highest ever TV audience in the US for a soccer world cup. There's been some amazing top quality goals and there's also been some huge upsets with current champions Spain already being eliminated! On top of this there has been some great goal celebrations, especially from the Colombians and the Ghanaian players, and it looks like even those fans who travelled and can't make the games are having a great time watching it on the huge screens that they have set up on the beach.  

However the one thing the 2014 soccer world cup has not had yet is a streaker or pitch invader. And although this does not add to the event or quality of the games it certainly is funny. 

So here is a video below compiling some of the best pitch invaders and streakers to give us the one thing this world cup as yet to deliver!


These clips can't help but make you smile!

Dance off breaks out at Detroit Pistons game between a young fan and Usher November 22 2013, 1 Comment


An unexpected dance off breaks out at the Detroit Pistons home game against the Knicks on Novemeber 19th 2013. A young fan and an usher working for the night go head to head on the dance cam!

Great stuff guys!!

Celtic's Fan makes most of stadium cam! November 13 2013, 0 Comments


Stadium cam goes to fan in the crowd. Not many in the audience were expecting what came next! 

Diehard Soccer Fans on way to match November 13 2013, 0 Comments

Galatasaray soccer fans on route to match against local rivals in Istanbul, Turkey!

Not sure this would pass health and safety in all areas of the world but these guys are certainly diehard fans and look like their having fun!